our story

LunchBots is here to help your family eat healthy on the go! We understand that you are short on time and still need to keep yourself and your family nourished. LunchBots are designed for adults and children, for full meals and snacks, and for all seasons.

We’re proud to celebrate 10 years in business and our hundreds of thousands of happy and loyal customers.

– Jacqueline Linder, Founder & CEO, Lunchbots

5 reasons you will love your LunchBots:

1 - Peace of Mind

LunchBots are made of the highest-quality 18/8, food-grade stainless steel, and every item is lab certified to meet or exceed FDA food safety requirements. LunchBots are healthy for you and for our planet!

2 - Healthy Food to Go

We can’t actually pack your containers for you (we would if we could). However, our products are designed with the sole purpose of making it easy for you to fill them up with healthy options to enjoy on the go.

3 - Perfect Portions

We offer a variety of sizes and configurations to fit everything from a sandwich to an array of finger foods. Select the style that best fits your lifestyle. Then, simply fill each section with an assortment of healthy options like leftovers, grab-and-go favorites, and pantry staples.

4 - Superior Quality

We’re a family-owned and operated business. There are no large corporate pressures to muddy up our top priority – providing our customers with the highest-quality, best designed, and most responsibly manufactured products.

5 - Five-Star Customer Service

We stand behind every one of our items. If there is ever an issue, we will do our best to make it right. If you have a warranty claim, need replacement parts, or would like advice about which items to select, please contact us at info@lunchbots.com.