manufacturing practices and safety

LunchBots products are designed, packaged, and assembled in Northern California and manufactured responsibly in China. We want you to know that we take the safety of our materials and manufacturing processes seriously. At LunchBots, we offer a full description of our practices because we understand your need to know.


responsibly manufactured

All LunchBots items are responsibly manufactured in ethical, humane, and lawful conditions in facilities that we have developed long-term, trusting partnerships with.

fair labor standards

We audit our factories regularly to ensure fair labor standards and practices. The LunchBots founders, in addition to an employee in China, regularly travel to our factories to work with our manufacturing partners and to inspect our production runs.

safe environment

Our main factory employs 20+ workers, engineers, and procurement staff. Many have been with this company for years, where they enjoy a collaborative atmosphere, regular lunch breaks, and short breaks whenever they want, in addition to a spacious, airy, and bright factory floor. LunchBots are created using new equipment purchased especially for their manufacturing, and no metal processing is done on-site. We purchase rolls of certified Type 304 18/8 stainless steel which are then shaped into a variety of LunchBots products.

no chemicals

We use only the safest materials that are tested and certified beyond US government regulations. We chose Type 304 stainless steel (also known as 18/8 stainless steel) because it is completely free of linings and coatings so no chemicals will ever leach into your food.

certified lab

All LunchBots products are independently tested and certified. Through regular lab testing on our shipments in an internationally certified lab, we’ve ensured that all products and components have no detectable amount of lead or phthalates.

tested and safe

We can prove it. We are proud to report that we meet all FDA and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Initiative Act) regulations and guidelines.