Lab testing

You deserve to feel safe when you buy food containers. LunchBots not only upholds and meets higher standards than required by the US government. We also publish all of our certified lab testing reports so you can feel confident when you purchase any LunchBots product. We are proud of these reports. Go ahead and check them out.

bento containers

Medium Uno

Medium Duo

Medium Trio 1

Medium Trio

Medium Quad

Large Trio

Large Cinco

Small Protein Packer

Small Snack Packer

leak proof containers

1.5 oz dips

Rounds 4oz – set of 2

Rounds 8oz

Salad Bowl 3 Cup

Salad Bowl 4 Cup

Salad Bowl 6 Cup

insulated containers

thermal 8oz

thermal 12oz

wide thermal 16oz

lunch bAGS

Duplex Bag