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“I don’t want toxic chemicals leaching into my daughter’s food and I also don’t want to contribute more plastic to swelling landfills, a problem that my daughter’s generation will ultimately have to grapple with. I feel great about packing her lunches in LunchBots, and she loves eating out of them. I won’t pack her lunch in anything else.”
A.M., Toronto, Canada

“I have the LunchBots Uno and the Duo (okay, actually I have a couple of each) and they are fantastic! The best thing…no plastic. The Uno is the perfect size for a sandwich, a couple of hot dogs or burritos, or even some pasta. The Duo is great because I can put in two kinds of fruit, or some apples and almonds. They are the perfect size and little hands can open them. I wondered how they would hold up getting crashed around in my 2nd grader son’s lunch box, and I am amazed! They have held up and look almost new after using them 5 days a week for several months now.”
G.I., Menlo Park, CA

“I have the Uno and the Duo and it makes lunch prep so much easier. Everything I need to pack fits in two containers instead of an assortment of foil wrap, baggies, and plastic containers. And snacks don’t get crushed!”
D.W., New York, NY

“I was very tired of putting snacks in plastic sandwich bags and then throwing the bags away every day – not good for the environment. I tried plastic containers but sometimes my kids couldn’t open them or close them all the way. The Duo is a great solution! I can put their daily morning snack in the container – even two different things – and they have no trouble opening and closing them. The containers are easy to clean and are tough — even falling on the floor a number of times has not been a problem. I would highly recommend LunchBots!”
C.F., Falls Church, VA

“I have two of the LunchBots Uno Stainless Steel Lunch Containers and I love them! When I grab my lunch out of the fridge, my co-workers want to know what it is! They are not only safe and non-toxic, but very cool looking! I get asked about them all the time and everyone thinks they are simply amazing. They are eco friendly and don’t create waste. Great for our environment. They are the perfect size and keep you from eating too much! I highly recommend them.”
J.S., Santa Clara, CA

“I love using the Pico in my three year old daughters lunch. It is just the right size for her to open and the divider makes it great for hummus and veggies, fruit and crackers, or mini sandwiches. When we aren’t lunching I like to pack it in the car with nuts and cheese for myself! Love it!”
S.B., Wakefield, RI


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