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5 Places To Take Food While You’re Out & About

When you’re taking the kids to the park, going to the game, or just running errands, healthy eating is something you want to make a habit. It’s not just for school or work, either. Wherever you go, bringing your own food puts you in control, helping ensure you eat food you love (and that loves you back).


Always bring food to the theater

Who can get away with selling the worst food at the highest prices? The movie theater! Don’t let a night at the movies fill you and your family with junk food and drain $50 from your wallet—pack your own healthy snacks like homemade popcorn and chocolate-covered raisins.

Pack snacks in 1-cup, single-portion containers like LunchBots Rounds.


Bring your own snacks to the game

All too often, the food available at the sports concessions is unhealthy and expensive. Bringing your own snacks to your kids’ games or pro games lets you enjoy the game and still eat well. Bonus points: you’ll avoid generating trash and save time by avoiding those long lines at halftime!

Instead of bringing individual packs, portion out a variety of snacks in our LunchBots Quad.


Pack finger foods for road trips

Our highways are lined with golden arches, fried chicken, and maybe an occasional sub shop. Bringing your own food will not only keep you healthier, it will also save time on the drive. Sandwiches and other finger foods are ideal for the car, and come in handy when the “I’m hungry” cries start.

Pack a sandwich, a wrap, or other favorites in the LunchBots Uno.


Make a trail mix for hiking and camping

Hikes require nutrient-dense food that is easy to consume. Rather than opting for bars that are high in sugar and calories, make and pack your own trail mix. Mix your favorite dried fruit with nuts that are low in salt, or try raisins and dried apricots, which are high in iron.

Camping trips require sturdy and leak proof containers like LunchBots Clicks, which are light and seal tight.


Pack your own in-flight meal

With airlines no longer offering in-flight meals, (who really liked them anyways?) travelers often end up with expensive, unhealthy food options at airport terminals. Bringing your own food not only saves you money, it keeps you and your family eating healthy, even at 30,000 feet in the air.

Enjoy chopped veggies and your favorite protein in a LunchBots Duo.


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