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Five Tips for Eating Healthy at Work

Eating lunch at work does not have to be a fast food affair. Packing your own ensures you can control the calorie count, ingredients, and portion size. Not sure if you have the time? Below are a few of our best tips on how to make better food choices at the office.


Bring your own food

Make your food, not fast food, your new default. When you eat out, even “healthy” choices like sandwiches and salads can be packed with highly processed meats and unhealthy dressings. Bring your own food to stay in control of ingredients, calorie counts, and portion sizes.

Love a satisfying meal with lots of variety? Try a LunchBots Bento Cinco.


Make it easy and early

With any new habit, the key to making it a permanent part of your life is to make it easy and simple. Find 3-5 favorite lunch recipes that require 5-10 minutes to make, and make your lunch the evening before. If you leave it to the morning, chances are you’ll never get to it.

Be your own deli and pack a gourmet-style sandwich in a LunchBots Uno.


Leverage leftovers

Last night’s leftovers are a great choice for lunch at the office, plus they’re quick and easy to pack. Just set aside a portion as you are serving dinner. Reheat in the morning, and pack your lunch. In the time it takes to serve an extra portion, your office meal is ready to go.

Want to keep food warm without a microwave? Thermals will keep food warm for 4-5 hours.


Bring a snack

Eating several small meals a day is only healthy with healthy foods. Keep the hunger monsters under control and curb trips to the vending machines by packing your own snacks. Many of us get hungry around 10am or 3pm, so be ready with healthy choices like carrots and dip or cheese and crackers.

Try the LunchBots Quad, which has 4 compartments perfect for a variety of snacks.


Control portions with the right containers

Managing portion size is a major contributor to achieving health and nutrition goals, but who has the time to measure every single meal? Let our containers do the work for you. Each comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to choose just the right portion for sandwiches, salads, proteins, vegetables, dressings, snacks, and more.

Pack a just-right, 1.5-ounce portion of dressing or treats with LunchBots Dips.


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