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Celebrity Snacks

Although celebrities are often photographed at restaurants or quoted referencing their diets, rarely do we see what they choose to eat if left to their own devices. That’s where the idea of Celebrity Snacks came from. We wondered what famous people would eat if they were to create their own meals and snacks. Of course, we don’t know these stars personally, but it sure is fun to think about what Oprah munches on when selecting the next book for her book club, or what LeBron James eats to power up for a big game.

Donald Trump


The President-elect was an avid fast food fan on the campaign trail citing McDonald’s and one of his favorite restaurants. We figure President Trump will still enjoy his favorite Filet-O-Fish snack along with some Cheetos. His drink of choice is a Diet Coke, which has the needed caffeine boost to compose Tweets or run the free world.

*Disclaimer: Celebrity snacks is just for fun. We don’t know Donald Trump, and are only assuming the President-elect would enjoy the snack above.

Oprah Winfrey


As an avid Weight Watchers devotee Oprah is looking for a satisfying snack that is low on points. She’d choose something like whole wheat toast with almond butter and banana slices for four points, and round out her snack with apples wedges dipped in a tablespoon of indulgent caramel for two points. Oprah would sip on her OWN specialty chai tea from Starbucks—perfect from prompting those “ah-hah” moments.*

*Disclaimer: Celebrity snacks is just for fun. We don’t know Oprah, and are only assuming the Queen of Daytime TV would enjoy the snack above.



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