LunchBots Inspiration #64


Grilled vegetables and chicken, sweet potato chips, fruit salad, and olives in the LunchBots Bento Cinco. Salad dressing in the LunchBots Dip.


LunchBots Inspiration #63


Salami and turkey roll ups, fruit salad, and raw vegetables in the LunchBots Bento Trio. BBQ dipping sauce in the LunchBots Dip.

LunchBots Inspiration #62


Banana and nut butter wrap and fruit salad in the LunchBots Duo. Tiny treat of dark chocolate covered cranberries in the LunchBots Dip – yum!

LunchBots Inspiration #61

20141001_LUNCHBOTS-9-900 x 600

BLT on whole wheat bread in the LunchBots Uno and applesauce in the LunchBots 4 oz. Rounds.

LunchBots Inspiration #60


Paleo school lunch with chicken sausage and yellow peppers, blueberries, and raspberries in the LunchBots Duo. Roasted pumpkin seeds in the LunchBots Dip.