LunchBots Inspiration #42

20140709_LunchBots_BackToSchool-4900 x 600

A yogurt parfait for lunch on the go! Vanilla yogurt in the LunchBots Thermal. Toppings like granola and berries in the LunchBots Trio. Honey to drizzle in the LunchBots Dip.


LunchBots Inspiration #41

20140709_LunchBots_BackToSchool-2900 x 600

An almond butter dipping station is perfect for on the go snackers! Almond butter in the 4 oz. LunchBots Rounds. Celery with dried cranberries, pretzels, apple slices, and graham crackers in the LunchBots Quad.

LunchBots Inspiration #40


Spruce up your sandwiches by using pancakes instead of bread! Pancake ham and cheese sandwich and grapes in the LunchBots Uno. Raw almonds in the LunchBots Dip.

LunchBots Inspiration #39


Pita sandwich and chips along with a side salad in the leak proof LunchBots Clicks Small Set. Blueberries in the LunchBots Dip.

LunchBots Inspiration #38


Make your own bistro box! Salami, prosciutto, cheese, and crackers along with a side salad in the LunchBots Bento Trio.